Legacy Remembered

Legacy Series

Raedrianna, an orphan raised among a traveling band of minstrels, wants nothing beyond the carefree life she’s always known.  Protected and cherished by her adopted father—the troubadour Leader of their band—she’s content exploring the delta marshes with the indulgent foster-brother she adores ... when she’s not sneaking out to practice the art of cutting purses under the watchful eye of the charismatic rogue thief she idolizes.

Life is, indeed, perfect.  Until the forgotten legacy of a vanquished empire threatens everything she loves.  

Stalked by a blade-handed stranger and tormented by dreams that always come true, Raedrianna is an unwitting pawn in the ancient struggle between a manipulative wizard, and the sorcerer-dragon magically shackled generations ago by Raedrianna’s ancestors.  For both have waited centuries for Raedrianna—for one born with the power to either free the dragon, or destroy him.