Minstrel's Daughter

Stolen from her crib by the assassin who murdered her parents, Raedrianna, the half-aydevin child of two noble bloodlines, has no memory of her life before the minstrels; the encampment of brightly-painted wagons and raucous vagabonds, the only home and family she has ever known. Keenly aware of her half-breed differences, she relies upon her wits to avoid trouble, as well as the snippets of foreknowledge her dreams often reveal. A gift she dares tell no one about. Only lately, her nights are plagued, not by true-dreams she remembers, but by nightmares she forgets. And after a blade-handed stranger attempts to kidnap her, killing all that get in the way, she is forced into a deadly game of hide and seek endangering everyone she loves.

Hunted by minions of the shape-changing dragon her ancestors imprisoned centuries ago, and manipulated by the last wizard of a vanquished empire, Raedrianna is both the key and the weapon each of them needs for ultimate victory. For she alone holds the power to either free the dragon or destroy him.